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K. B. Beaumaaks hopes to inspire women to follow their instincts with her novel The PREAH Secrets

She wants women to know that from a crazy or bad life experience, something good can come from it, and it’s always a life lesson. No matter what, trust your gut. It will never fail you.

K. B. Beaumaaks hopes to inspire women to follow their instincts with her debut novel The Preah Secrets



Readers have asked for The PREAH Secrets to come out in Audiobook version. I proudly announce it will be coming soon Worldwide. If you want to be notified by email when the Audiobook version debuts, send your email address to

Currently available in E-book, Paperback and Hardcover

HOW VULNERABILITY HAS HELPED ME CONNECT WITH OTHERS-Being vulnerable isn’t a fault, it means you are real!


In my book, The PREAH Secrets, it takes you on an inspirational journey of how Madison’s vulnerability almost cost her life and her life’s work. Instead of being ashamed about how vulnerable she was, she used it to her advantage. I’ve connected with so many men and women who have shared their stories with me and friendships have developed. They were ashamed & embarrassed at first but were relieved and felt comfort in knowing so many others have experienced and conquered issues created by vulnerability. They embrace their vulnerabilities. Share your stories with me….

There is an article out from the blog site called HOW VULNERABILITY HAS HELPED ME CONNECT WITH OTHERS – Being vulnerable is not always easy, but I respect when people commit to being real.

Don’t be afraid to be your most honest, vulnerable, true self. Don’t strive to be perfect, strive to be REAL. People will appreciate you more for it. People connect over sharing.”

“As my girl Brené Brown states, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”

KB Says Don’t Be Fooled – Trust Your Gut. Scammed by a Police Officer

I am 52 and considered to be of the baby boomer generation. We were raised in a world without the internet, taught to respect our elders and certain professions were considered very trustworthy. Examples are doctors, teachers, police officers etc…. we were raised that these are people we could trust no matter what and for the most part this was absolutely true.

I had not one but two similar situations happen to me and I am an educated professional with an upper level income. My scams occurred not with an outsider but a partner…. first with my ex-husband who is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine then a boyfriend who was a Police Officer. Two professions that were “trustworthy professions” I was blinded by the scammers that they were. My point is to trust your gut no matter who the person is. If it feels wrong…. chances are it is wrong. 

If you have been scammed or find yourself questioning your gut, email me at  I want to hear your story.

Generally, the geriatric or elderly community were the ones that were scammed by door to door salespersons or telephone scammers. Today people believe the less educated, the lower income, elderly community are the ones prone to scammers. This is absolutely not true according to The Better Business Bureau.

People today believe what they read on the internet, they impulse shop, they receive emails and phone calls about tax issues or debt collectors and we fall for it believing oh if its on the internet, it must be true.

I have written a book called The PREAH Secrets and it deals with my veterinary husband and how I discovered his heist and how I followed my gut to eventually discover his intentions of deceit. I prepared and eventually sought justice for myself. I hope the book inspires others to follow their instincts and remember, scams can happen to anyone by anyone.

Millennials have lost more money to scams than the elderly…

If you are a Millennial, you are at the top of the food chain for scammers!

We’ve bought into stereotypes about scam victims – they’re usually seen as vulnerable and elderly, or gullible and poorly educated,…These stereotypes are strongly held… and they are wrong. We are all at risk, but younger and more educated individuals are actually the most likely to be scammed.

Optimism bias – the idea that we all think other people are more vulnerable than we are – is associated with risk-taking and failure to heed precautionary advice. The PREAH Secrets takes you on a Fictional Journey Inspired by Real Events. See how Madison falls prey to her own husband and what she does to overcome a heist that is soon to be played on her. Do you believe you are above being scammed? Send me your feedback, I would love to talk about this subject, as it happened to me.

If you ever feel that little voice telling you something is wrong- Act on it.

Is Your Partner Secretly Calling Another Woman?

This article talks about noticing certain changes in your partners actions not always a man calling a woman but can be a woman calling a man….. my book The PREAH Secrets is an inspirational story where Madison ignored signs that her husband was cheating. Once she decided to listen to her gut feelings, she investigated and discovered a world of secrets. I cannot express enough that IF IT FEELS WRONG, MOST LIKELY IT IS WRONG…..    My story is so compelling, Ive been told it should be a movie. The characters are strong female antagonist with powerful male protagonists. Check out who prevails! Inspired by Real Events, this is a movie in waiting.