The PREAH Secrets

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The Savvy Lassie hosts live events interactive with her audience & answers questions specifically targeted towards Women’s issues today. She gives women the feel of a one-on-one encounter. Women often are too embarrassed to talk about an encounter they experienced or a situation that happened to them but Attendee’s see her as approachable. She will inspire, empower, inform and entertain women through a unique blend of personal content and multi-faceted platforms from other influential speakers. Women will walk away ready to take on the world!

“No matter what your race, financial level, education, or background, we all can be victims of affliction & adversity. The millionaire millennial can have the same feelings as the shelter refugee. WE are all WOMEN.”- KB Beaumaaks

“Information has the power to shape the world.”

KB Beaumaaks’ wisdom and personal experiences resonate with women who want to make that next step, who want to get out of their funk or situation. She wants to help others find the courage to follow their natural intuitions, tackle their situation whether that be in personal relationships or in business.

The Savvy Lassie has partnered with the Charitable Partner – Futures Without Violence.

Their Mission:
For more than 30 years, FUTURES has been providing groundbreaking programs, policies, and campaigns that empower individuals and organizations working to end violence against women and children around the world.

Futures Without Violence is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charity.


KB Beaumaaks is a “Lassie” from Midwest, USA with strong English & Irish roots that instilled that “savviness” in her to make her the success she is today.

Her audiences are captured by her honesty & willingness to put her story out there.

She was a young military spouse traveling the globe soaking up all the experiences the world had to offer a young 20 something. Eventually divorced, she hit ups & downs both financially & personally.

She remarried, worked in medicine for 30 years & opened up 3 successful pizza shops, with her current husband, on a whim. She eventually sold them & began to write The PREAH Secrets, the first in a trilogy, written about those crazy relationships & experiences she once endured.

She began to speak to other women about how embarrassed she was while explaining “her” story. Women soon flocked to listen & encouraged her to write and speak so others can learn from her.

“Be a part of the journey, not a victim of it. Don’t let your Past define you.” KB Beaumaaks

Her “Secrets” Trilogy are inspired by her crazy relationships and life experiences.

Book 1 – The PREAH Secrets Video Book Trailer


About K.B. Beaumaaks

K.B. Beaumaaks grew up in the Midwest. Born in 1965 in a typical close knit Catholic family. She graduated college, moved to Europe and spent most of her young adult life traveling the world as a military spouse before eventually settling down with her current husband Allan, a Royal Danish Air Force F-16 pilot, in Florida. She experienced a few relationships where her gut instincts told her to investigate. Her stories were so bizarre, she decided to write her novels so others may learn to follow their gut instincts as well. The PREAH Secrets is an inspirational novel based on one of those crazy relationships. Although fiction, you will enjoy the thrill and suspense of the story. She has a rescue pug named Mushey, an English Bulldog named Maggie Moo, and a French Bulldog named Louie.




The PREAH Secrets- An inspirational tangled scandal Inspired by Real Events. Wealthy men try to pull off a heist in a conspiracy to fulfill their lust for greed and power. Madison, the wife of millionaire veterinarian Dr. Carston Spencer, discovers through a private investigator that her husband is plotting to steal their life savings and vanish forever. Along the way, Carston considers murdering his best friend’s mistress in a vengeful plot to get rid of her since she’s a witness to their disturbing plan. Madison is considering an affair with a hot young cowboy who works for her while a trial over who killed a staff member’s father during a rumored incestuous affair is happening. Madison decides to take a gamble in a vigilant effort to seek justice. This thrilling suspense takes readers on a wild ride of secrets, sex, drugs, and murder with one twist after another until the dramatic conclusion.


Carston pulls Colin aside and whispered “Look, don’t let her eat anything. I’m going to crush this into a shot, so go along with it. I’ll buy all of us a shot.You distract Jasmine, and I’ll slip it into her drink. Colin, once we do this, there is no going back.”

“I know, I know. What the hell are we going to do if she actually is stealing from us?” Colin asked.

“What choice do we have? … We gotta dump her!”

“Carston, what do you mean, dump her?” Colin asked, his voice getting a little shaky.

Carston explained that if Jasmine was stealing from them, they would have no choice but to kill her and dump her body while out to sea. Colin became very disturbed and very angry.

“Carston, no way! I didn’t sign up for being any part of murder and I absolutely do not feel comfortable with that. Laundering money and tax evasion is one thing, but murder—Carston, that is a whole different story. No fucking way … not murder. Everyone knows she’s on our boat.They’ve seen us pull into this harbor and we will be seen up at the bar.Tomorrow they will have witnesses that will have seen us leave the harbor. No way, Carston! No way!”


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