A Personal Look in Life of K.B. Beaumaaks – Part 2

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

A Personal Look in Life of K.B. Beaumaaks – Part 2:

I love watching NFL football and am a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan. My husband and I are supporters of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Breast Cancer Awareness, Alzheimer’s Awareness Foundations, Animal Abuse Awareness organizations and all Military/Veteran Organizations. We especially love The Wounded Warrior Project, SUDS (Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba), and Heros on the Water in support of our Military. We love to travel and scuba dive whenever we get free moments.

A Personal Look in Life of K.B. Beaumaaks – Part 1

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

A Personal Look in Life of K.B. Beaumaaks – Part 1:

I grew up the third child in a family of four children with amazing parents in a small Midwest town. I attended college and married after graduation. I moved to Europe immediately after and traveled the world with my spouse who was in the US Air Force. I decided to write my first novel based on some of the crazy relationships and experiences I endured during my younger years. Jackie Collins gave me courage to write with a quote she wrote “Everybody said you can’t be a writer, you’ve got to go to college, you have to do this, and that and I said F— it, I’m going to be a writer.” I loved that about her. I currently live in Florida with my husband Allan, who was an F-16 Fighter Pilot with the Royal Danish Air Force and currently works for Southwest Airlines. We have 3 Hungry Howie pizza franchises along with my regular job as a Director of Patient Care for a local plastic surgery group. We love to travel with our rescue dogs, Mushey, a pug and Maggie Moo, an English Bull Dog. A silly trivia fact about the book is there are 23 Chapters in the book reflecting my birthday on the 23rd day of November.

Biography of K.B. Beaumaaks

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Biography of K.B. Beaumaaks:

K.B. Beaumaaks, the first in her close-knit Catholic family to leave her state to attend college, moved to Europe and traveled the world with a military spouse. She worked in medicine for more than 30 years before beginning to write “The PREAH Secrets,” which is her first novel. She now serves as Director of Patient Care for a plastic surgery center. Beaumaaks and her current husband, Allan, a former F-16 pilot with the Royal Danish Air Force, is now a commercial airline pilot and together own three pizza restaurants. They live in Florida and have two rescue dogs, a Pug named Mushey and an English Bull Dog named Maggie Moo.

Book Summary

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Book Summary:

An exotic animal hospital in a wealthy community in southwest Florida sets the scene for a new novel featuring sex, murder, secrets and deceit.– Port Royal Exotic Animal Hospital is more than a place where top-notch veterinarians treat animals of all shapes and sizes. The clinic, nestled in a wealthy southwest Florida community, provides the backdrop for a debut novel packed with secrets, lies and murder. Clinic owners Dr. Carston Spencer and his wife, Madison, hobnob with the best of society in Port Royal, but few residents know about the skeletons in their closet. And the drama doesn’t stop there.

“The PREAH Secrets” features one twist after another. Although Carston has been sober for 14 years, he lost his first wife and children thanks to drug addiction. And Madison, while playing the doting wife, is considering an affair with a hunky young cowboy who works at the clinic and is an amazing kisser but thinks she should wait until her divorce is final first. She discovers that Carston is keeping another secret – this time from her — and has been looking into selling the clinic, a deal worth millions because of the land.

Rumors of an incestuous affair involving two sisters and their father figure prominently in their self-defense claim in a trial over the murder of a clinic staff member’s father. The sensational nature of the trial may put Carston over the edge. But anything can happen when the state’s attorney, sheriff’s deputy, businessmen, ranch hands and a high-powered real estate agency are involved. An exotic bird breeder is just one of the colorful characters in this engrossing novel, the author’s first. One of her relationships provided inspiration for the story.

Special Quotes from the Book – #5

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Special Quotes from the Book – #5:

She leaned in and bit his earlobe, whispering, “So do
we have a deal?” then unbuttoned her jacket, exposing her
large boobs. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast,
making it swirl her nipple while using her other hand to
stroke his cock through his pants. She dipped down to her
knees, unzipped his pants, and placed her lips around his
penis. She licked the tip with her tongue before plunging all
the way down to take his entire cock into her mouth and
throat. Up, down, up, down she went until she felt him ejaculate
in her mouth. Then she stood up, pulled him close, and
passionately French-kissed him until he was butter in her

“I think I may be able to help you,” he smirked after she
had pulled away.

Special Quotes from the Book – #4

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Special Quotes from the Book – #4:

Carston pulls Colin aside and whispered “Look, don’t
let her eat anything. I’m going to crush this into a shot, so go
along with it. I’ll buy all of us a shot. You distract Jasmine, and
I’ll slip it into her drink. Colin, once we do this, there is no
going back.”

“I know, I know. What the hell are we going to do if she
actually is stealing from us?” Colin asked.

“What choice do we have? … We gotta dump her!”

“Carston, what do you mean, dump her?” Colin asked,
his voice getting a little shaky.

Carston explained that if Jasmine was stealing from
them, they would have no choice but to kill her and dump
her body while out to sea. Colin became very disturbed and
very angry.

Special Quotes from the Book – #3

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Special Quotes from the Book – #3:

I heard the inside door from the garage open to the
kitchen and Carston walking in towards the kitchen. He
would be walking down the hall, for sure, looking for me.
My blood was shooting through my veins, and I began to
shake when I saw what the papers inside were—a sales contract
between some veterinary group and PREAH for
twenty-five million dollars! What the hell?!

“Maddy! Hey Maddy, where are you?” Carston yells,
entering the bedroom.

Shit I am so going to get caught! I quietly closed the briefcase
and set it down.

At that very moment, Carston touched my shoulder
and asks, “What are you doing?”

Special Quotes from the Book – #2

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Special Quotes from the Book – #2:

According to the newest police report I read, EJ and
Bubs had slept together in the master bedroom while TJ had
slept in one of the other bedrooms. EJ said that Bubs would
often sneak into TJ’s room late at night for sex. Bubs’s wife
had been traveling back and forth for almost 3 years to Central
Florida, helping a sick relative, but was supposedly well
aware of the incest going on between her husband and
daughters. TJ had long ago confided in Duey that the molesting
had gone back as far as she could remember.

Special Quotes from the Book – #1

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Special Quotes from the Book – #1:

“Well, where to start, Maddy. Umm … incest, murder,
money laundering, drugs, affairs, guns, cowboys, jealousy,
fraud, and, well, that’s just for starters, love—you know, the
usual for Port Royal.” She smirks, lifting one eyebrow, wearing
a shit-eating grin.“No offense taken, Venetia, although I wasn’t exactly
the innocent angel I made myself out to be.”

Questions to the Audience – Part 2

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Questions to the Audience – Part 2:

If you were extremely successful and very popular in a close knit community and knew your secrets would alienate you and ruin you, how far would you go to protect your reputation?

If you were constantly accused of having an affair but you were not, would you give into it anyway if everyone was convinced that you were?