4. Book

The PREAH Secrets inspired by true events, take place in an exotic animal hospital located in a very wealthy community in Southwest Florida. Dr. Carston Spencer and his wife Madison relocate to Port Royal to open up a state of the art veterinary hospital. Amongst the staff they have hired, are family members of a local ranching family that has a dark secret of murder and incest that soon become exposed. Other members of the staff eventually intertwine and wreak havoc with Spencer’s personal life. The Spencers’ quickly become very well known with prominent residents of the Port Royal community and discover many of these new friends have secrets of their own. Blue bloods mixing with Blue collar folks. Secrets arise and cover ups begin almost as soon as the doors of PREAH open. Murder, Incest, Drugs, Infidelity, and Sex all make its way into the walls of PREAH (Port Royal Exotic Animal Hospital).

No one knows that Dr. Spencer long ago had a drug addiction that he had battled in earlier years that lead him to infidelity and lose all contact with his former wife and children but he has been clean for over 14 years. The move to Port Royal was to be a new beginning but immediately the press turns towards PREAH as the trial of the century in Collier County begins for the murder of a PREAH staff member’s father whom they claim they shot in self-defense after an alleged incestual affair between 2 sisters and their father. Will the stress of the Spencer’s new found success make him go back to his previous darkness and lead Madison to having an affair with a young handsome cowboy who works at the clinic, or is an obsessed staff member trying to set her up to come between her and Dr. Spencer? How will the murder trial affect PREAH and the staff? Find out how the friendships of the States Attorney, prominent doctors, a high powered realtor, a Sheriff Deputy, an architect and a CPA mix with an exotic bird breeder, local ranch hands and the animal hospital. Many twists are revealed in this story which was inspired by real events. You can actually picture yourself in the middle of it all and relate to the characters in the book as the secrets are revealed. Find out how all of their lives mesh together to create this twisted suspense novel.