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Excerpt 1

We spend a few hours just talking and planning on some things I need to get done over the next few months in preparation for the divorce. We just lay on the hood of his truck listening to nature and softly talking. Jake has taken me into his arms and I lay my head on his broad shoulder. I feel so at peace and so safe in his arms. It is such a weird feeling. Our age difference means nothing and at this moment I forget I am his boss. We are just two friends having a wonderful and relaxing evening. We have finished a few bottles of wine and a almost a 12 pack of beer before we realize several hours have passed. “Look at the time Jake. I guess I had better get back. I want to thank you for such a great night. This is just what I needed. How did you know?” I laugh. “Any time Maddy. Come on I guess we will head back.” Jake takes my hand and grabs my waist. He lifts me off of his truck hood and sets me down. He opens up the truck door and lets me inside. We drive back down the dirt road and onto the paved roadway back to the city and my car. He gets out of his truck and like the southern gentleman that he is, runs over and opens up the passenger side door to let me out and walks me over to my car in front of PREAH. I give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug and thank him for a great evening. I seriously want to kiss him, really kiss him. I can feel the sexual energy between us. My thoughts flash to ripping his clothes off right here in the parking lot and have him just take me up against the car. God how hot he is and how innocent he seems, is such a turn on. The way he touches me is more than just friendly but I know I cannot act on my desire. He is so fricking hot! I think to myself how I hate feeling this lonely and I hate the way Carston is playing me.

Jake leans up against me and pulls me into him close, he leans his head to the side of my ear and whispers “Shhh. Someone is behind the pavilion. I see a shadow moving but I can’t make out who or how many people there are. Get in your car and leave ok. I am going to sneak around back and see if I can see who it is.” “Jake no, you don’t know if they have a weapon. Please just get in your truck.” I whisper back into his ear. “Maddy I have two guns on me and I am a damn good shot. Honey I don’t miss! Please just get in your car ok.” Jake insists. He pulls me close and gives me kiss on the lips that knocks my socks off. I am thinking oh my God this is really going to happen. The passion that is in this kiss is amazing. His tongue is exploring inside my mouth with such passion and excitement. God where did he learn to kiss like this? WOW. He pulls me even closer against him and I begin to feel him getting aroused. I am shocked and delighted at the size of his manhood and am thinking how much I want him inside of me. He stops and gently grabs my face and tells me to get into my car and go. He looks directly into my eyes and says “Do you know how long I have wanted to do that to you? I dream about you every night Maddy. I mean it when I say I will always be here for you in every way Madison but right now I need to protect you. Go and I will call you shortly.” I am just speechless. I give him another quick kiss and tell him to be careful and close my car door. I drive off in a state of shock. I am so turned on I can hardly think straight. He may be young but he is so passionate. I flash at thoughts of making love to him. I can only imagine how great he would feel inside of me and how god has blessed him with raging good looks and a huge cock. The pleasure he would give a woman sexually is all I can think about. Was this just the wine and the beer talking or did he really mean what he said.

I quietly drive off and it seems like forever until Jake calls me. Turns out it was Duey. He and TJ had gotten into a huge fight over her meddling in Carston and my life. She proclaimed her undying love for Carston during a drunken binge and Duey had enough and left after TJ started beating on him. TJ eventually left and ran over to her sister EJ’s house to talk strategy for tomorrow. Basically let’s make sure TJ and EJ’s lies are the same. Jake and he had a talk and Duey confided that he was scared for my safety and he told TJ he was done with their marriage and they were over. TJ and EJ are on the witness stand tomorrow again for the murder of their father. Tatum told me earlier in the day that she is really going to pound the nails in the coffin tomorrow for the both of them. Neither TJ nor EJ is going to plea because they think they are too smart and are going to get away with the allegations of murder on their Dad. Duey knows the truth and is listed to be called as a witness. Duey is in the middle because TJ confided in him long ago about what really happened. Plus he does not want the truth about his daughter coming out to the public. The eldest daughter is really fathered by Bubs, not Duey. No one knows the real truth and Duey knows this will be devastating to his daughter and everyone in his family. TJ swears that the daughter is Duey’s but Duey knows that could never be true. Jake and Duey have a long talk and Jake eventually convinces Duey to come and stay the night at his place. No one knows it was Duey who was the anonymous tipster to reopen the case after all of these years but he never thought about the news that his daughter really is the bastard child of a child pedophile and molester known as her Grand Daddy.

Excerpt 2

Today is the first of my meetings that Samantha has set up for me. I am meeting with a private investigator named Hector. Hector served on President Reagan’s staff as a Secret Service Agent and has kept up with the latest techniques in the Private Investigation business. He retired and started his own Private Investigating company but nothing compares to his experience in the White House. “Good morning Mr. Stillwater, thank you for meeting with me. Samantha speaks so highly of you.” I nervously say. “Please Mrs. Spencer call me Hector. Samantha is a wonderful lady and I am sure she has told you that she has often recommended me to many of the ladies here in Port Royal. It seems that the more money one has and the longer one has been married, the more my services are needed. Samantha gave me a brief idea of what your concerns are. How can I help you?” He chuckles. “ Well Hector I recently found some papers that concern me and I have overheard some questionable conversations my husband, Dr. Carston Spencer has had. I believe he is hiding something and I need to protect myself. You see Carston has a history of infidelity and drug use. It got to a point 20 some years ago that it almost ruined his life. His children from a previous have not spoken to him in over 10 years. He runs with affluent crowds here in Port Royal and has a stellar reputation. He is very smart and would be one to cover his track up well.” I tell him. “ Madison I am well aware of who you are and who your husband is and whom he is associated with but I assure you, no one escapes me. I must warn you that this could take a while and I am not cheap but if there is something to be found then I will find it. GUARANTEED you hear! I hope you are prepared for the information I may find. It is not something I look forward to. Bringing one shocking news that is, but you’re here because your gut is telling you to be here. I will see what I can find.”

Hector pauses then says “Let me ask you a question, do you have any secrets that may harm your reputation should this end badly and in divorce? You can be honest, I am not the moral judge. I need to know what I am up against.” Hector says sternly. “No not that I can think of.” I reply. “Good then I will need $20 thousand dollars up front and I will bill you monthly per unit until you get your answers. Will that work for you?” “ Yes Hector but I will need a few days to gather that kind of cash. Do you need anything else from me?” I ask. “yes I have a list of information I will need from you and I will need to get in and copy your husband’s hard drive both at work and his personal computer and lap top. Can you arrange for that to happen?” “wow I will have to figure out how and when. I think you will have to get the work computer during the middle of the night when no one is there but then you run the risk of getting caught if there is an emergency in the middle of the night. It happens frequently and his lap top is almost never out of his sight unless it is a surgery day and he has a long procedure.” “Don’t you worry how I will get it. Your job is to give me access to your house, hospital and let me know when he is in surgery and I will get what I need.” Hector says in a stern voice. The meeting ends and I leave feeling a little shaky. Seriously is this necessary I ask myself? Yes Madison it is…. He has a contract to sell the hospital out from under you and he might be using drugs again. Think…. Look for the signs of a user, you are a fricking nurse for God’s sake, you are not stupid.

Next stop is a divorce attorney just to cover my tracks should I need one in the future. His name is Richard Ewing. Richard has been in practice for over 25 years here in Port Royal. He is head of the Boy Scouts of America South Florida Chapter and on the County School Board of Advisors. He grew up without a father and swore his children would never experience that in life. He has dedicated his life to fatherless boys and underprivileged children to succeed in education along with his highly successful law practice. He has, also, been named Attorney of the Year 7 years in a row for his trial and divorce work. I know Richard because his wife is a veterinarian here in Port Royal as well. I chose him because in the event I do need a divorce, he is well versed with the field of veterinary medicine. “Richard, good to see you.” I say as I sit down in front of his desk. “Madison, I must say this is a shocking surprise, what can I possibly help you with?” “Well Richard this is strictly confidential and off the record even from Lyndsay ok?” “Of course Madison, I never discuss my cases with Lyndsay, it is why we are still married.” Richard laughs. “Well I accidentally came across some papers in Carston’s briefcase and it was an actual contract for the sale of PREAH. I had absolutely no clue he had put it in the market. The buyer is in a corporate name that is being withheld for confidentially reasons until after the closing. The closing has been set and the contract is in full agreement to close very soon. The additional issue is that all of our assets are in our corporation name and the corporation is strictly in Carston’s name. How will this affect me in the event of a divorce and can he sell the hospital without me since we were married before we opened the hospital? The money for the initial build out and the land came from my pre-marital assets.” “Madison first of all let me reassure you that no matter whose name the assets are in, the estate would be split 50/50. You would receive financial compensation for any money you had before you were married and if you can prove it was pre-marital money then you would get that back. The bad news is that Carston can sell the hospital without you signature since your name is not listed as an officer of the corporation but again, you would get half of the sale of the business. The financial I am not worried about at all Madison. What I am concerned is with discovery should this become a divorce situation. If he is selling PREAH without your knowledge then this is the question as to why.” “I know and this is why I was shocked beyond belief and then my gut started kicking me telling me there is something going on that I cannot comprehend. Why the secrecy? We have a good relationship or at least I think we do. I am concerned that he may be using drugs again but I have zero proof.” “Madison the old saying A Woman’s Intuition is usually right on the spot. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything unusual or out of the normal. Watch the mail and phone calls. I am not a detective but seems like common sense advise” “Thank you Richard and I will keep in touch.” I decided to keep him on retainer should anything become of the investigation. Richard quietly leaned over and said “Madison, you know if you make consultation appointments with other law firms in this area, they will not be allowed to represent Carston should this matter come to fruition. I just thought you may like to know this.” Richard looked at me and winked as if to say go out and have as many consultations as possible to make it difficult for Carston to get good representation should I decide to file for divorce or a suit. Brilliant idea I thought to myself. I will be sure to do this.

Excerpt 3

Colin and Carston jump in the car after several minutes of talking to whomever and they head back in the direction of Thomas and Brendan’s house. We freeze and hope they do not see us. Sammy and I return back to her house and Colin and Carston are there sitting in the bar room smoking a stogie. Samantha asks “Hey why are you not at Brendan and Thomas’ house? That was a short boys night.” Colin replies with a nonchalant “oh we were done hanging the pictures in the theater room and hung out on the boat house for a bit. It was boring so we went for a walk to see how the Brooks house is coming along.” I ask “And why was it was boring, no strippers? You guys always have fun together.” Colin and Carston know we don’t care if they watch strippers. I figure if Carston gets all hot and bothered then he comes home and I get the fun part of it. Carston says “no one really was there and Mick and Lou did not come. Blake walked down for a short while then left. Ed’s wife called almost as soon as he got there and told him to head home.” Samantha jumps in and said “That is it? Only you six?” Colin jumps in and says “yep just us but we will see the gang on Thursday. Honey are you coming this Thursday?” “ I don’t know yet. Don’t count me in but I will let you know. I think I have a realtor board meeting that night.” Samantha replies. I know what she is doing. She wants to see if Colin brings Jasmine. I say “Good bye Colin. Hey Carston I am going to head home. The dogs are worn out from the walk. You going to stay a bit or are you headed back?” “ I will be home as soon as we finish our cigars.” “ok see you at home.” I walk into the kitchen to give Samantha a kiss. “Night. Can you keep Carston here for a bit and text me when he heads home. I want to check a few things out before he gets home. Still sits weird that those two were up front talking to some stranger. Wonder what that is about? Think it has something to do with why Carston was asking for another realtors name?” She winks at me and gives me a kiss back. “ No clue. I will definitely get my spy bugs out and see what I come up with from Colin’s end. I got your back girl. Let me know if you find anything.”

I lock the doors and decide I will play stupid when Carston returns and has to knock to get in. I shuffle through a bunch of papers, look through the files, check the closet, log into the desk top computer, check his lap top, nothing. I find nothing. I case the entire office and find nothing out of place. Am I being paranoid? Maybe he is helping Colin do something as a bro and I am getting over suspicious? Perhaps this is not Carston’s idea but rather he is helping Colin with something. He is seeing Jasmine. Could he be buying Jasmine a condo or something like that but then again TJ has been planting shit in my mind and I wonder if maybe she does know something. Could she turn out to be a genuine friend after all? A million thoughts and doubts go through my mind. I decide I am being silly convincing myself that Carston in no way wants to end back where he was when we got together. I run down the hall and unlock the doors. Carston surely will be on his way back by now. I walk down the hall to the master bedroom and start to pull the bazillion pillows I have on the king size bed off and get ready for bed. I pile them up in the closet under the shelf when I notice an unusual briefcase. Hmmm what is this? Did Carston treat himself to a new briefcase. Weird because he has three of them that he never uses. Maybe he bought it for a gift for someone but then I notice it is embossed in gold letters with the words “Miliken and Associates Professional Brokers”. All of the sudden I hear my phone go off and it is a text from Samantha. “Maddy, Carston just left, FYI lots of whispering between he and Colin”. I look at the brief case and realize Carston will be walking in at any moment but I want to know what is in this briefcase hidden under the shelf. I know who Miliken and Associates are. My heart is pounding and my mind is going a mile a minute. I grab the briefcase and try to quickly open it. Shit it is locked. It is a four digit number to open it. I try his birth year. No. I try our address. No. I try his ATM pin and pop goes the lock. I hear the side door open and Carston is walking in towards the kitchen. He will then walk down the hall for sure looking for me. My blood is shooting through my veins and I begin to shake when I see what the papers inside are. A sales contract between another local veterinary group and PREAH for 25 million dollars! What the hell.

“Maddy! Hey Maddy where are you.” Carston enters the bedroom. I quietly close the briefcase and set it down. Just as I am crouched down, Carston touches me and says “What are you doing?” “Oh I was getting undressed and I dropped the back of my earring and I thought I saw it bounce under here, you know everything slides on these marble floors.” I could see that Carston was looking at the briefcase checking it out to see if it had been touched. I walked into the bathroom hoping he would follow me in there and get his attention away from the briefcase. WTF! What is going on? 25 MILLION DOLLARS. My name was nowhere mentioned on that contract. Why has he never mentioned selling the hospital? When did he list it for sale? How long has he been in negotiations? I go to bed acting like nothing is wrong. I wish I could read the entire document but I will get caught if I try to sneak in the middle of the night. Tomorrow I will make some excuse why I will be late getting in to work and will make copies of the entire contract. Hard to believe that someone is offering 25 million for PREAH, then again it is the land that is most of the value. I would say the business is worth maybe 8 or 9 million at the most. Note to self, have Sammy check into the land value.