A Personal Look in Life of K.B. Beaumaaks – Part 1

Published December 27, 2015

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

A Personal Look in Life of K.B. Beaumaaks – Part 1:

I grew up the third child in a family of four children with amazing parents in a small Midwest town. I attended college and married after graduation. I moved to Europe immediately after and traveled the world with my spouse who was in the US Air Force. I decided to write my first novel based on some of the crazy relationships and experiences I endured during my younger years. Jackie Collins gave me courage to write with a quote she wrote “Everybody said you can’t be a writer, you’ve got to go to college, you have to do this, and that and I said F— it, I’m going to be a writer.” I loved that about her. I currently live in Florida with my husband Allan, who was an F-16 Fighter Pilot with the Royal Danish Air Force and currently works for Southwest Airlines. We have 3 Hungry Howie pizza franchises along with my regular job as a Director of Patient Care for a local plastic surgery group. We love to travel with our rescue dogs, Mushey, a pug and Maggie Moo, an English Bull Dog. A silly trivia fact about the book is there are 23 Chapters in the book reflecting my birthday on the 23rd day of November.