Trust your Gut. If it says caution or beware, listen. We naturally trust certain professions; however, in today’s world, you need to use caution. Research, do your homework before leaping in with both feet no matter who it is or what situation it is. Read my story – The PREAH Secrets. I was scammed out of large sums of money by a police officer live in boyfriend. Also, I was scammed by my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine HUSBAND. If you suspect something doesn’t feel right, research and dig down deep because most often your gut instinct is correct. Let me know about your story. I’d love to help or if you need to bounce a question to me, please do. Be smart and trust your gut. Just because someone has a certain title or degree doesn’t mean they won’t scam you. Scammers come in all ethnicities, professions, genders and income levels. Be careful! Check out