Just a reminder to follow your intuition in any situation. Find the courage to act on it – you are stronger than you think!

Published January 28, 2019

The PREAH Secrets continues in Book 2 The Harbour City Secrets -Rogue Cop 321. Coming Soon. Madison is dangerously caught between her police officer boyfriend, Chet Walker, who went rogue after 23 years on the police force and the Chief of Police who has been looking to take Officer Walker down. Madison confides in the Chief that Chet is extorting her for money, but she holds the key to Walker’s demise. The FBI get involved when Madison gets a text saying she has 3 days left to live, no one will ever find her. It’s a race against time when she receives a cooler on her doorstep with an alligator head floating in blood.  She understands the message. Inspired by Real Events. Read my interview in Breakaway Magazine. Link below.


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