Millennials have lost more money to scams than the elderly…

If you are a Millennial, you are at the top of the food chain for scammers!

We’ve bought into stereotypes about scam victims – they’re usually seen as vulnerable and elderly, or gullible and poorly educated,…These stereotypes are strongly held… and they are wrong. We are all at risk, but younger and more educated individuals are actually the most likely to be scammed.

Optimism bias – the idea that we all think other people are more vulnerable than we are – is associated with risk-taking and failure to heed precautionary advice. The PREAH Secrets takes you on a Fictional Journey Inspired by Real Events. See how Madison falls prey to her own husband and what she does to overcome a heist that is soon to be played on her. Do you believe you are above being scammed? Send me your feedback, I would love to talk about this subject, as it happened to me.

If you ever feel that little voice telling you something is wrong- Act on it.

Is Your Partner Secretly Calling Another Woman?

This article talks about noticing certain changes in your partners actions not always a man calling a woman but can be a woman calling a man….. my book The PREAH Secrets is an inspirational story where Madison ignored signs that her husband was cheating. Once she decided to listen to her gut feelings, she investigated and discovered a world of secrets. I cannot express enough that IF IT FEELS WRONG, MOST LIKELY IT IS WRONG…..    My story is so compelling, Ive been told it should be a movie. The characters are strong female antagonist with powerful male protagonists. Check out who prevails! Inspired by Real Events, this is a movie in waiting.

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Readers’ Favorite Book Review Gives 5 Stars to The PREAH Secrets

Review #1: Review by Christian Sia – Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews
Review Rating: 5 StarsCongratulations on your 5-star review!

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks is tightly written, suspenseful and filled with drama. You’ll love this book if you enjoy intricate plots and complex characters, and if you enjoy a skillful blend of intrigue and murder. Madison Spencer discovers to her utter shock that her millionaire husband of 10 years has secret plans of disappearing with all her life savings. And he is getting help in the deed from his best friend. Thanks to a private investigator, she learns of plans of murder and revenge. Now she knows the truth and the question is: What is she going to do about it or will her millionaire husband, Dr. Carston Spencer, outwit her?

Illicit sex, secrets, drugs, and murder are some of the elements that embellish this tale of one woman’s fight for justice in a setting where nothing is what it seems. Readers are introduced to very complex and compelling characters. Right off the bat, we have insights into the character of the protagonist and into the setting in Port Royal. The descriptions capture the beautiful scenery, the places, the smells, the sights, and the feelings, and readers will appreciate the precision in the prose. The conflict is very powerful and developed to keep the reader longing to know the outcome. The story is fast-paced, and I found myself turning from one gripping page to the next intriguing one, always trying to guess what would happen next. The PREAH Secrets has very strong elements of mystery and suspense and the finish is very satisfying, making the reader want to read the next book in the series.

Latest excerpt from this Thriller book!

Carston pulls Colin aside and whispered “Look, don’t let her eat anything. I’m going to crush this into a shot, so go along with it. I’ll buy all of us a shot.You distract Jasmine, and I’ll slip it into her drink. Colin, once we do this, there is no going back.”
“I know, I know. What the hell are we going to do if she actually is stealing from us?” Colin asked.
“What choice do we have? … We gotta dump her!”
“Carston, what do you mean, dump her?” Colin asked, his voice getting a little shaky.
Carston explained that if Jasmine was stealing from them, they would have no choice but to kill her and dump her body while out to sea. Colin became very disturbed and very angry.
“Carston, no way! I didn’t sign up for being any part of murder and I absolutely do not feel comfortable with that. Laundering money and tax evasion is one thing, but murder—Carston, that is a whole different story. No fucking way … not murder. Everyone knows she’s on our boat.They’ve seen us pull into this harbor and we will be seen up at the bar.Tomorrow they will have witnesses that will have seen us leave the harbor. No way, Carston! No way!”