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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks is tightly written, suspenseful and filled with drama. You’ll love this book if you enjoy intricate plots and complex characters, and if you enjoy a skillful blend of intrigue and murder. Madison Spencer discovers to her utter shock that her millionaire husband of 10 years has secret plans of disappearing with all her life savings. And he is getting help in the deed from his best friend. Thanks to a private investigator, she learns of plans of murder and revenge. Now she knows the truth and the question is: What is she going to do about it or will her millionaire husband, Dr. Carston Spencer, outwit her?

Illicit sex, secrets, drugs, and murder are some of the elements that embellish this tale of one woman’s fight for justice in a setting where nothing is what it seems. Readers are introduced to very complex and compelling characters. Right off the bat, we have insights into the character of the protagonist and into the setting in Port Royal. The descriptions capture the beautiful scenery, the places, the smells, the sights, and the feelings, and readers will appreciate the precision in the prose. The conflict is very powerful and developed to keep the reader longing to know the outcome. The story is fast-paced, and I found myself turning from one gripping page to the next intriguing one, always trying to guess what would happen next. The PREAH Secrets has very strong elements of mystery and suspense and the finish is very satisfying, making the reader want to read the next book in the series.

Latest excerpt from this Thriller book!

Carston pulls Colin aside and whispered “Look, don’t let her eat anything. I’m going to crush this into a shot, so go along with it. I’ll buy all of us a shot.You distract Jasmine, and I’ll slip it into her drink. Colin, once we do this, there is no going back.”
“I know, I know. What the hell are we going to do if she actually is stealing from us?” Colin asked.
“What choice do we have? … We gotta dump her!”
“Carston, what do you mean, dump her?” Colin asked, his voice getting a little shaky.
Carston explained that if Jasmine was stealing from them, they would have no choice but to kill her and dump her body while out to sea. Colin became very disturbed and very angry.
“Carston, no way! I didn’t sign up for being any part of murder and I absolutely do not feel comfortable with that. Laundering money and tax evasion is one thing, but murder—Carston, that is a whole different story. No fucking way … not murder. Everyone knows she’s on our boat.They’ve seen us pull into this harbor and we will be seen up at the bar.Tomorrow they will have witnesses that will have seen us leave the harbor. No way, Carston! No way!”

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NetGalley, Amazon, GoodReads Reviews= 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from Dog Ear Publishing via NetGalley *** Spoiler Free** So this book was very entertaining. I feel like this was one of those books where it didn’t feel like a “book” and more like it was actually happening in front of you. It was extremely entertaining in a twisted sort of way. I also found it interesting that this story was apparently based on true events. I definitely recommend it” NETGALLEY REVIEW
Inspired by true events – easy and enjoyable – great read! Exciting that this story was inspired by true events. This book should be a movie!” GOOD READS REVIEW
This book is a must read! It’s a page turner that I didn’t want to put was exciting to find out what happened next! So ready for the her next book:)”AMAZON REVIEW

Nicholas Sparks+EL James+John Grisham=KBBeaumaaks The PREAH Secrets

An inspirational tangled scandal inspired by real events. Wealthy men try to pull off a heist in a conspiracy to fulfill their lust for greed and power. Madison, the wife of millionaire veterinarian Dr. Carston Spencer, discovers through a private investigator that her husband is plotting to steal their life savings and vanish forever. Along the way, Carston considers murdering his best friend’s mistress in a vengeful plot to get rid of her since she’s a witness to their disturbing plan. Madison is considering an affair with a hot young cowboy who works for her while a trial over who killed a staff member’s father during a rumored incestuous affair is happening. Madison decides to take a gamble in a vigilant effort to seek justice. This thrilling suspense takes readers on a wild ride of secrets, sex, drugs, and murder with one twist after another until the dramatic conclusion.

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INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS IN NAPLES, FL. People are saying “this is a book that feels like it is actually happening in front of you…. EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING IN A TWISTED SORT OF WAY….” Socialites and the skeletons they are hiding………


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Bonus Excerpt from the Book #2

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Bonus Excerpt from the Book #2:

Hector pauses then says “Let me ask you a question, do you have any secrets that may harm your reputation should this end badly and in divorce? You can be honest, I am not the moral judge. I need to know what I am up against.” Hector says sternly. “No not that I can think of.” I reply. “Good then I will need $20 thousand dollars up front and I will bill you monthly per unit until you get your answers. Will that work for you?” “ Yes Hector but I will need a few days to gather that kind of cash. Do you need anything else from me?” I ask. “yes I have a list of information I will need from you and I will need to get in and copy your husband’s hard drive both at work and his personal computer and lap top. Can you arrange for that to happen?” “wow I will have to figure out how and when. I think you will have to get the work computer during the middle of the night when no one is there but then you run the risk of getting caught if there is an emergency in the middle of the night. It happens frequently and his lap top is almost never out of his sight unless it is a surgery day and he has a long procedure.” “Don’t you worry how I will get it. Your job is to give me access to your house, hospital and let me know when he is in surgery and I will get what I need.” Hector says in a stern voice. The meeting ends and I leave feeling a little shaky. Seriously is this necessary I ask myself? Yes Madison it is…. He has a contract to sell the hospital out from under you and he might be using drugs again. Think…. Look for the signs of a user, you are a fricking nurse for God’s sake, you are not stupid.

Bonus Excerpt from the Book #1

The PREAH Secrets by K.B. Beaumaaks

Bonus Excerpt from the Book #1:

Jake leans up against me and pulls me into him close, he leans his head to the side of my ear and whispers “Shhh. Someone is behind the pavilion. I see a shadow moving but I can’t make out who or how many people there are. Get in your car and leave ok. I am going to sneak around back and see if I can see who it is.” “Jake no, you don’t know if they have a weapon. Please just get in your truck.” I whisper back into his ear. “Maddy I have two guns on me and I am a damn good shot. Honey I don’t miss! Please just get in your car ok.” Jake insists. He pulls me close and gives me kiss on the lips that knocks my socks off. I am thinking oh my God this is really going to happen. The passion that is in this kiss is amazing. His tongue is exploring inside my mouth with such passion and excitement. God where did he learn to kiss like this? WOW. He pulls me even closer against him and I begin to feel him getting aroused. I am shocked and delighted at the size of his manhood and am thinking how much I want him inside of me. He stops and gently grabs my face and tells me to get into my car and go. He looks directly into my eyes and says “Do you know how long I have wanted to do that to you? I dream about you every night Maddy. I mean it when I say I will always be here for you in every way Madison but right now I need to protect you. Go and I will call you shortly.” I am just speechless. I give him another quick kiss and tell him to be careful and close my car door. I drive off in a state of shock. I am so turned on I can hardly think straight. He may be young but he is so passionate. I flash at thoughts of making love to him. I can only imagine how great he would feel inside of me and how god has blessed him with raging good looks and a huge cock. The pleasure he would give a woman sexually is all I can think about. Was this just the wine and the beer talking or did he really mean what he said.